SRC Premium Large Grater Series

A truly multi-purpose grater that really works! Stainless steel composed of many tiny blades for effortless and even grating.




Product Description

SRC Premium Large Grater Series acts as a multi-purpose grater with extensive features. This Premium Grater is structured from Stainless steel, and is composed with tiny, sharp blades for an effortless grating without any concerns. Grate, puree or zest- almost anything can be done without clogging or wasting the food.

SRC Premium Large Grater Series is made with strong components, and has an ergonomic handle, which doesn’t bend while applying pressure. It is comfortable to use and comes in handy. You can perfectly grate ingredients like ginger, hard cheese & coconut amongst others. Also, our Premium Zester is rust-free, dishwasher-resistant and safe to use.

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